What were the background and context?

I was tapped by the mobile development team to work on an existing event mobile app for a global event in our organization. Since there was already a developed mobile app, the expectation was just to improve the UI.

But I took a step back and recommended that we go back to the drawing board and start asking if we were solving the right user problems the right way given that there were challenges raised by the team from previously attending the event.

Gladly, the team trusted my recommendations and we started working together—putting the users at the core of…

Not a silver bullet, but a starting point.

I hear the word ‘agile’ being hastily thrown out here and there as if it is a magic wand that can magically solve our users’ problems and make us a successful organization at the end of the day.

Similar thing with UX or design being used to make things “pretty.” When UX designers are seen as magical creatures that can magically make designs look “pretty.”

The relationship between the Agile and UX is complicated especially in its application, plus there are not enough conversations about the relationship between the two and how they can successfully work together.

“Factory” Mentality

As I have…

Our first time attending a virtual conference

Our team loves to go to conferences and other learning avenues because of the number of learnings we could get and apply at work. We are fortunate to attend one despite the ongoing pandemic, so we are sharing our key takeaways from the UX+ Conference 2020.


We found 5 themes that were tackled by the speakers and audience: 1. Impact; 2. Diversity and inclusion; 3. Culture, ethics, practices; 4. Career; and 5. Leadership.

We discussed these themes and jotted down our key takeaways for each, and then we used emojis to express how each thought resonate with us. To give us some sort of a heatmap. Enjoy!

Does the series displayed its disabled character as harmful to others, the community, and society?

Disabled characters in media texts are often created by non-disabled individuals who set preconceived societal notions about what it means to be disabled. It is necessary to increase the evaluation of how disability is portrayed in media text to advance positive portrayals, presence, and participation of disabled people.

I used the critical disability theory as a guide to examine how disability was represented in K-Drama TV series ‘Start-Up,’ examining elements such as the storyline, imagery, language use, and character attitudes, using a social model lens in order to identify disability stereotypes.

The interest to do this comes from the increasing…

Get to know the ceremonies we perform regularly

One of the first things I did when I started to be the interim UX Lead of our team was to introduce and reintroduce team ceremonies to get us back on track since we have been disjointed for months because of working separately on different projects and engagements.

For context, our team is a central-embedded hybrid where the UX designers and front-end developers are embedded in different cross-functional teams, but go back to the central UX team at the end of the day in the context of Agile and Lean UX. We also use Design Thinking in our everyday work.

I am curious about the rising popularity of food delivery apps in the Philippines, and since I also have not used one, I decided to pick the topic as my UX case study where I touched on the food landscape and the busy life of millennial professionals in central business districts in the Philippines.

Roles and responsibilities

I took the role of both a UX and UI designer responsible for designing the experience including the aspects of usability, interaction, visual design, among others.

Scope and constraints

  • Timeline. I set a deadline to finish this case study within a month, allotting…

Breaking walls using an actual wall.

I worked on a crucial e-commerce project at work given a tight timeline, and my first challenge was: Where should I start?

Particularly because I was assigned to the development team 2–3 weeks late because of the limitations of our current team structure, so my initial thought was how to quickly dive into the problem space and understand the context, challenges, and overall direction of the project.

I was expected to provide the “designs,” but as UX designers, we know we cannot jump into that yet because often we diverge (Discover Phase) first before we converge (Define Phase) what needs…

The creeping dictatorship of President Duterte is in full swing as it finally controlled all the branches of our government after recently ousting Chief Justice Sereno, the “enemy” deemed by the President because of her staunch criticism of the President’s policies.

Could media texts help us counter this paradigm shift?

Fig. 1 . Stanislav Traykov, Wikimedia Commons. CC BY 2.5.

Michelangelo’s Pietà depicts the body of Jesus Christ lying in the lap of Mother Mary after his Crucifixion. Contrary to popular belief, Michelangelo did not intend to signify death, but to espouse the “religious vision of abandonment and a serene face of the Son.”[1]

Since Pietà’s creation in 1499, the…

With the graffiti movement in the Philippines on the rise in the past couple of years, adding vibrancy and diversity to our arts and culture, how much do we know about its beginnings in the Philippines? In this article, I focused on knowing one of the key movers in the history and progression of graffiti in the Philippines: Jayo “Flipone” Santiago.

Flipone’s LP ’14 piece. Image from Jayo Santiago, Facebook.

Jayo Santiago, known in the graffiti scene as Flipone, is among the first or could be the first, to bring graffiti to the Philippines. He was heavily influenced by the growing hip-hop movement in New York City in the…

Cedric Lee

UX Mentor at UX+ University. Prev. UX Team Lead at Cambridge University Press. Instagram & Twitter @ux_ced

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